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Experience MIGS from the inside, contribute to its success and make exceptional encounters... This is what awaits you when you join the fabulous team of volunteers!

If you are a guitar lover, music lover, backstage, editing, host or just want to be part of the adventure and you are at least 18 years old: join us !

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Register now, without obligation!

The different roles of volunteers are essential to the smooth running of MIGS and we need your total commitment. ​ No special skills are necessary, you must be a Swiss resident or have a valid permit, be in good health and able to work.

The organization and distribution of tasks will be established according to needs and skills, and your desires as far as possible.

In return for the work requested, we offer you unlimited access to the exhibition and certain live shows, meals and drinks, 5 invitations for your loved ones and many other advantages.

We want to build the history of MIGS with you! Register, without obligation, to be contacted and receive all the information.

Favorite activity

You can choose one or more activities. We will do our best to assign you the one that suits you, the distribution of tasks being made according to needs.

Thank you for your message, we will contact you shortly.

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